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Responsible Tech Cards Game instructions

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Goal: To help teams become aware of and critical about the multi-stakeholder implications of their work by creating a dedicated space to openly build upon knowledge, discuss issues, identify impacts, and brainstorm solutions in a responsible and inclusive way.

  1. Choose a topic to think about with the cards.
  2. Enter players' names, pseudonyms, or initials.
  3. Select a game mode.
  4. Click start game.
  5. One player draws (access key d) or skips (access key s) cards on behalf of all players.
  6. On your turn, please answer, discuss, or reflect on your card.
  7. (Optional): Add your thoughts to any card, even when it is not your turn, after the current player is done responding.
  8. The game can stop at any time.

Please cite as: Elsayed-Ali, S., Santana, V. F., Berger, S., Becerra Sandoval, J. C. 2023. Responsible & Inclusive Cards: An Online Card Tool to Promote Critical Reflection in Technology Industry Work Practices. In: Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, NY.


R&I Tech Card Game

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